Newburyport Master Bedroom and Bath

Bedroom  Bathroom

Here is a recent project in Newburyport that we just wrapped up. When a homeowner needs a second bathroom and  you live in a half house finding space can be a challenge.  So how do you create a new Master bedroom bathroom with limited space. By converting an old sleeping porch to a 3/4  master bathroom  it allowed the homeowner to not only add that second bath but to create a new Master Bedroom in the room leading to to the old porch.  Part of the need is alway storage  and new closets in the master bedroom & bathroom make it much more functional.

Existing Single Door Closets

Insulation and drywall make a dramatic statement. Look at these picture to see the change that a little insulation and drywall and make.

Closed cell spray foam insulation
Closed cell insulation

Finish with drywall and custom trim, a little paint and the results are easy to see.

New double door closets Allow much better access. These are ready for the installation of shelving.

Custom Casings on Windows and Doors

When the old trim is not something that you can get at the local lumber yards you get custom trim milled to maths the existing like we did for the doors and  windows.

Finished custom shower

The new shower was fitted into the old porch using a custom approach using the WEDI system

Custom Newburyport Shower

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