Star Construction Company, Inc. was founded by Michael (Mike) Caravas. Mike was a Greek immigrant with a background in painting and decorating. He started his company under the name Star Builders & Painters in 1958. The company was first located in Burlington, Ma then move to the neighboring Woburn, Ma in the 1960s. It remained in Woburn until the 1990’s when it relocated to West Newbury, Ma. where it is still located today.

The company grew and transformed over time to include custom homes, residential development, community development work, distressed housing renovation and finally into a fulltime residential remodeling company. As the company changed its focus, it also changed its name, at various times using Star Builders, Star Construction, Star Remodeling and finally incorporating in the 1980s and becoming Star Construction Company, Inc. of today. Mike passed away only a couple of short years after the incorporation.

About Bob of Star Construction Company

Star’s operation then passed to the other corporate partner Bob Williams. Bob had worked with Mike for several years having started as a summer laborer while Bob still in high school. As the year passed the relationship grew and it became obvious that at a more formal partnership had developed. In the late 1970s, with the partnership becoming more formal, it was decided that the best thing for the partners, customers, and employees was to become a corporate entity.

About the team of Star Construction Company

Tyler or TJ
Kadeem Nari
Kadeem or Bear

Bob continues to operate the company today. The company has been able to become an award-winning industry leader with the help of great mentors and associates, wonderful customers, subcontractors, and vendors, but most of all very talented hard-working employees. We look forward to your additions to that legacy. Contact us today!

I met with Bob (and Kevin) to better understand the scope of work Star Construction does. I was impressed with his knowledge of construction techniques, building materials, and remodeling trends. I would highly recommend Star Construction!

– Joaquin Erazo

Bob is always easy to reach and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Star Construction in a heartbeat!

– Robert P.

I am not a customer of Star Construction however I operate a Handyman business and have had the opportunity to work with Bob and his crew on several occasions. What I saw while working for Bob was impressive. Professional, knowledgeable, proficient and highly experienced are a combination that is rare to find these days. When I encounter a job that is too big for my small one man operation I refer my customers to Star Construction since I will not recommend anyone that does less than great work.

– Terry Angelli