Professional Home Additions

Cedar Shingle Home Addition Groveland

If your home has grown too small for your lifestyle, it may be time to consider a home addition. Whether that means expanding your kitchen, adding a new bedroom, or designing and building an entirely new floor, home additions require a lot of planning and expert construction work. After all, your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime – you want to be sure that your home addition is a perfect fit for your current property, melding seamlessly with your home’s exterior and interior alike.

That’s where Star Construction comes in. With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry, our goal is to help you love the home you live in. No matter what sort of addition you’re considering, our team can help you achieve it. We’ll work with you and consider your personality, your budget, and your timeframe, to ensure that we can make your dreams a reality.

Small Kitchen Expansion

Cedar Shingle Back of Home Addition Groveland

We worked with this Groveland client to build a kitchen expansion on their Cape Cod home. The client, a woodworker, had originally intended to complete the addition themselves, but a local building inspector advised against it due to the complexity of the building requirements and permits. That’s where we came in – we helped our client attain all the correct permits and ensure that their addition met the building codes. We matched the shell of the addition to the home’s existing exterior so that the transition was seamless and graded the yard out for our client to make the building process easier. Our client was very happy with the completed project.

Your Local Contractors

At Star Construction, we understand how important it is that your home last you a lifetime. That’s why we work hard to make sure that our additions are built to last; we want you to be worry-free, able to enjoy your home without being concerned that you’ll have to get repairs in a few years. We take the time to plan everything out, making sure that everything is precise and that you approve of all of our plans before we ever wield a hammer.

We’re licensed, registered, and insured in MA as contractors, and have decades of experience in the construction business. We work with trusted, thoroughly vetted subcontractors, architects, and designers to guarantee you receive only the highest-quality work on your home addition. And we’ll always work hand-in-hand with you and our team to make sure that everyone is fully informed and on the same page regarding the progress of your home remodeling project.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’d like some advice before finalizing your home addition plans, get in touch with Star Construction today. Schedule your consultation with us and let us show you why so many of our clients are satisfied with our work!