Everyone wants to know at some point what things will cost. When they call a contractor, one of the first question asked is generally for an estimate. This creates confusion if they are really looking for a price.

So lets us define for you what Star Construction Company’s definitions and polices are. There is a big difference between ESTIMATE, PRICE and  QUOTE . So we would like to clarify that here for you.

We will also explain Star Construction Company, Inc. policies and approach for you at the conclusion of this page.


First a cost ESTIMATE is an approximation of what something will cost not an exact price ( see definitions 1,4 & 6 below ). it is base on broad parameters, such approximate size, kind, and quality & quantity of the item. Let use a door as an example> what size is it , what’s it made of, standard hardware, generate site condition ( do we have easy access and space to work ), is it an  interior  or exterior unit ? So what does a new door cost ?  Well depending on the answer to the question above it may be between $X and $XXx. or in other words a range in price.

estimate – as defined by

verb (used with object), estimated, estimating.

  1. to form an approximate judgment or opinion regarding the worth,amount, size, weight, etc., of; calculate approximately:
    to estimate the cost of a college education.
  2. to form an opinion of; judge.
    verb (used without object), estimated, estimating.
  3. to make an estimate.
  4. an approximate judgment or calculation, as of the value, amount, time, size, or weight of something.
  5. a judgment or opinion, as of the qualities of a person or thing.
  6. a statement of the approximate charge for work to be done, submitted by a person or business firm ready to undertake the work.


On the other hand if you want a  PRICE, using our door example,  more information is needed such as the exact size , the jambs size , the type of casing on each side, does it have a threshold, If so what type and size, what type of door is it (hinged, bi fold , sliding,etc,,,) will it be painted or stained, what type of wood is it if it is wood, will it have glazing if so what are the exact requirements of the glazing. And several more question that need to be known. in order to generate a price for the door.

When all that information is able to be established the a PRICE can be generated and delivered to the purchaser that the price for new door base on all these specifications is $X.

Design Development (see Design Development below under SCC Policies) is generation of the design and scope of work with specification. This is part of the project design development . Design and scope of work that are necessary before a PRICE ( see definition1 below ) can be generated and QUOTED.

price- as defined by

  1. the sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which anything is bought, sold, or offered for sale.
  2. a sum offered for the capture of a person alive or dead:
    The authorities put a price on his head.
  3. the sum of money, or other consideration, for which a person’s support, consent, etc., may be obtained, especially in cases involving sacrifice of integrity:
    They claimed that every politician has a price.
  4. that which must be given, done, or undergone in order to obtain athing:
    He gained the victory, but at a heavy price.
  5. odds (def 2).
  6. Archaic. value or worth.
  7. Archaic. great value or worth (usually preceded by of).
    verb (used with object), priced, pricing.
  8. to fix the price of.
  9. to ask or determine the price of:
    We spent the day pricing furniture at various stores.
  10. at any price, at any cost, no matter how great:
    Their orders were to capture the town at any price.
  11. beyond /without price, of incalculable value; priceless:
    The crown jewels are beyond price.


Quotes can create their on confusion too. Did you get an estimate quoted to you or was it a price that was quoted? You need to make sure what you are asking for and what you are receiving are in fact a match.

When SCC quotes a price it is what we will charge as the final not to exceed price for a described scope of work.  See definition 6.1 below.

quote – as defined by

verb (used with object), quoted, quoting.

  1. to repeat (a passage, phrase, etc.) from a book, speech, or the like,as by way of authority, illustration, etc.
  2. to repeat words from (a book, author, etc.).
  3. to use a brief excerpt from:
    The composer quotes Beethoven’s Fifth in his latest work.
  4. to cite, offer, or bring forward as evidence or support.
  5. to enclose (words) within quotation marks.
  6. Commerce.
    1. to state (a price).
    2. to state the current price of.

    verb (used without object), quoted, quoting.

  7. to make a quotation or quotations, as from a book or author.
  8. (used by a speaker to indicate the beginning of a quotation. )
  9. a quotation.
  10. quotation mark.
  11. quote unquote, so called; so to speak; as it were:
    If you’re a liberal, quote unquote, they’re suspicious of you.


We are happy to provide you with one free hour of our time to give you a project estimate. All our estimates will be verbal. If you wish to proceed base upon the estimate the next step is design development.

Design Development is an aspect of  the design build approach, which is a billable service we provide. Project pricing will be generated and provide for  SCC developed design and scope of work.  Each design agreement will have pricing per project, which generally includes drawings and general specifications. More in debt detailed drawing and specifications can also be provided depending on the level of detail you require at additional cost priced accordingly.  This approach allow you to have detailed information that can be provide to solicit pricing from other sources. If you move forward with SCC the cost of the design development  will be credited toward the project.

Insurance Claim Estimates Insurance estimates require a written line item report for submission to the insurer. We do charge a minimum of $150.00 for written line item estimate that take no more the two hours office time. If additional estimating time will be required you billed at a  rate is $75.00  per hour. Again this an estimate not a price that is being generated and may differ from the actual job cost.


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