As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we are diligently monitoring the situation and actively assessing ways to protect our people and global community. As a valued member of our family, your health and safety remains our top priority along with the health and safety of our employees and trade partners.

The construction industry benefits from experience with personal protection equipment and minimal interaction with other people. Our efforts at dust control using barrier materials and depressurization will help isolate the construction / work zone. In addition, we are implementing a series of additional protocol that will better ensure that we can continue to move projects forward in a safe fashion

We are looking to some of the practices and protocols implemented in countries that are successful in managing the pandemic. Starting this week we are requiring all Star employees take their temperature prior to coming to work and log it in our system. Any employee with a fever will not be allowed to come to work. We are providing paid safe and sick time for employees in accordance with Star Construction Company, Inc. policies

We will be providing the option for virtual meetings for our clients. For clients that wish to halt, delay or postpone projects please feel free to contact our office to discuss that approach and possible alternative options. And also to review schedule impact on timing and budgets.

We are enacting a glove, mask, and wipe down policy that will work with the materials available. Due to the scarcity of disposable gloves and sanitizer and the nature of the work we’ve come up with the following strategy.
Work gloves will be worn entering and exiting the home, using the lock box, and in common areas.
Common area surfaces will be sprayed and wiped down with a bleach solution
Gloves will be used except where they are not conducive to the task at hand
Masks will be worn by anyone with non COVID related cough/cold

We are committed to helping flatten the curve and use the tools of social distancing, PPE, and sanitation. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this challenging time.

Bob Williams, President
Star Construction Company, Inc.
Most of this content is used with permission from original author OA Designbuild
Minneapolis, MI