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Service Advisor Class Action

Now owned by Angie’s List.

Are they engaged in False Advertising? Back Ground Checks?

Do you know about them being sued in a class action for false advertising?

Did you know that contractors are buying your info when you use these “free” companies? Lead generation companies like Service Advisor and Angie’s List generate revenue by selling each  lead to several contractor.  Do their ads represent the real story? A California District Attorney thinks not. In the link below you can see what the press had to say.

So how thorough are those background checks?

Why is this a not more of a National  News concern? Money? Media Ads? That’s up to you to decide. Those are some of the reasons why Star Construction does not subscribe to these services. 

Lead generation companies might not be what you are expecting when it comes to home improvement.

This is a problem you might not think your getting. Buyer Beware. Shopping locally, with an established, reputable company is a better way. National brand just want you to help them generate profits.

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Find out more here : Service Advisor Sued by Cal. DA.




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