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300 Broadcast Contest

300 Broadcast Contest

Yes we have hit a big milestone of 300 programs broadcast on WNBP radio 106.1FM , 1450AM and on the web at In case you didn’t know our program airs at 9:00AM on Sunday mornings. Now that you do know I hope your listen.

And to celebrate we are giving away swag to listener.


If you are looking to enter the contest to  all you have to do is :


Be sure to include your name,address, phone and email so we can contact you if you are a winner.

Winner will be announced on Oct 2nd during our program broadcast.

Start-To-Finish Guaranty™

Table of Contents1 Start-To-Finish Guaranty™1.0.1 CONTRACTOR BACKGROUND CHECKS1.0.2 TRAINING & CONSULTING SERVICES1.0.3 MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION SERVICES1.0.4 QUALIFIED CONTRACTOR REPLACEMENT COMMITMENT Start-To-Finish Guaranty™ That’s right we can now offer added guaranty protection for your remolding project  Star Construction Company, Inc. has been accepted as an Approved CMR Qualified Contractor.   What does that mean to your remodeling… Continue Reading

Rain screen Info

Rain screen If your going to re -side your house  it’s a great time to add rain screen behind the siding. Even if your only replacing siding on one wall it a good improvement to add behind the siding. This video explains how and why you should. It also features a produce we at Star… Continue Reading

Newburyport Master Bedroom and Bath

Newburyport Master Bedroom and Bath Project Bedroom  Bathroom Here is a recent project in Newburyport that we just wrapped up. When a homeowner needs a second bathroom and  you live in a half house finding space can be a challenge.  So how do you create a new Master bedroom bathroom with limited space. By converting… Continue Reading

Out of Sight Solar Power

Solar power everywhere but out of sight Just think if you could add solar power to your  home, office or even garage and other buildings just by adding it to your windows. That’s right by having your existing window become a power generator, no panel on the roof or blighting the landscape. It would be… Continue Reading

Design – Build Process at Star Construction Company,Inc.

Design – Build Process with Star Construction Company, Inc Star Construction  Company,Inc in Massachusett specializes in Design – Build. The steps we take together through this process are outlined here. At first phone contact, discuss basic project feasibility and schedule an initial meeting. The purpose of this meeting will be to: Meet each other, discuss and… Continue Reading


ESTIMATE, PRICE, QUOTE, SCC POLICY Everyone wants to know at some point what things will cost. When they call a contractor, one of the first question asked is generally for an estimate. This creates confusion if they are really looking for a price. So lets us define for you what Star Construction Company’s definitions and polices are. There… Continue Reading

Home Owner DYI Tips

DIY TIPS for the Home Owner Here’s a list of five items every practical homeowner should have in their toolbox. WD-40 – this could quite possibly be the most practical product on the planet. The only thing this spray oil will not unstick is your teenager’s behind from the couch! Caulk – not a pro?… Continue Reading

Summer Tips

Save Up To 30% On This Important Home Improvement! You may be unaware of this, but your chimney is quite an integral part of your heating system. Why am I talking about heating systems now? You’ll see in a minute: It’s important that your chimney is free of soot and debris. This will help prevent… Continue Reading

Springtime Tips

How To Give Your Mower The 4-Point Tune-Up. As we move into prime lawn-mowing season, it’s time to give your mower a quick and easy tune-up. Maintaining your mower will save you trouble, money, and even help protect our environment! Change the air filter: A clogged air filter will cause your mower to consume more… Continue Reading

Snow on the Roof

Snow on the Roof

Should I shovel the snow off my roof? For those of you that are wondering “When should I shovel the snow off my roof?” Here is a quick rule of thumb to help you if you are concerned. Basic calculation – (for a quick analysis only) This calculation is based on a 25% moisture density… Continue Reading

Fix it Yourself Tips

How To Get “Back On Track” When a sliding door is off track, the result is usually a battle of wills if  You want to get through the door, but the door doesn’t want to move! The main reason most sliding doors seize up and come off track is because dirt and debris get caught… Continue Reading

Expert Advice

New information from the National Fire Protection Association tells us that heating equipment is the leading cause of home fires during the months of December, January and February. All types of common space heating equipment are involved in home fires, including portable electric heaters and portable kerosene heaters. Here are some safety precautions you should… Continue Reading

Decorator Tips

How To Make Any Room In Your Home More Spacious! Space is an essential element of design that will help make your home warm and cozy. It will also add enjoyment to the time you spend in each particular room. Here are a few tricks of the trade you can use to make even the… Continue Reading

Cost Saving Tips

The $50 Home Improvement That Could Save Your Family’s Life! Did you know that carbon monoxide (CO) is the most commonly encountered poison in our environment? It is responsible for more deaths than any other single poison. Each year, thousands die from carbon monoxide poisoning and nearly 10,000 seek medical attention to treat exposure. Carbon… Continue Reading

Best Product Suggestions

Table of Contents1 What’s The Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Home? Find Out!2 A Consumer’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect  Bath Tub For Your Home.3 How To Choose The Safest Bedroom Furniture For Your Children.4 Do You Have The Most Efficient Furnace Filter In Your Home? What’s The Best Fire Extinguisher For Your Home? Find… Continue Reading

Autumn Tips

Now that the dog days of summer are finally behind us and the cooler months have arrived, it’s time to prepare your home for the climate and precipitation changes we will face. The following maintenance chores may not seem too rewarding now, but as harsher weather conditions return, you should sleep better at night knowing… Continue Reading

A Healthy Home

This Common Household Appliance Causes 15,000 Fires A Year Unknown to most families, clothes dryers cause 15,000 fires a year and $75 million in property damage.What’s the major cause? The major cause of these fires is blocked lint traps. The best defense you can take against a dryer fire is to clean the lint filter… Continue Reading

Basement Ceiling Drywall Newburyport

 Ceiling Drywall Newburyport basement ceiling Drwall Ceiling before Drywall  Basement ceiling drywall  can  change a space radically. When your basement is in need of a a little help to make it more friendly.  You can do what this client did . Use drywall to finish the ceiling, add some lighting “while your at it all” ( These are… Continue Reading

Kermit Baker on Harvard Joint Study for Housing Report Star Remodeling Show  Episode 176

Kermit Baker on Harvard Joint Study for Housing Report Star Remodeling Show Episode 176

Kermit Baker Of the Harvard Joint Study on Housing and American Institute of Architecture Kermit is  the lead author of reports from the HJSH. Kermit collects and  collates data that will map and hopefully predict what the housing market and construction industries are experiencing and can expect in the near future. An industry expert that… Continue Reading

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